Work/Life Balance

Developing a Positive Work/Life Balance

In this region, where the high-tech industry thrives on the energy, intellect, and passion of its workforce, employment demands can create unique challenges and pressures. Employees often find themselves struggling to balance workplace demands with a desire to maintain strong relationships or ensure quality family time. That struggle can be emotionally draining and – if allowed to fester without intervention – can lead to more serious mental and/or physical concerns.

As a long-time practitioner of clinical psychology and neuropsychology in Bellevue, I am acutely aware of the demands that tech and related industries impose on employees and invite you to take advantage of my training and expertise. My 30 years of experience and skills as a psychologist, child and family therapist, neuropsychologist, and adult and child psychoanalyst make it possible for me to bring a range of perspectives to help you build a healthy work/life balance.