Finding your therapy “Comfort Zone”

My commitment is to help you make sense of what you do, think, fear and wish for – because making sense of those things is what opens doors to solutions. But to get to the point where you feel safe to be with your thoughts and emotions – and to share them with someone else – you need to feel that you’re in a comfortable, safe place.

My office is purposely not in a busy downtown high-rise; it’s in a quiet, private setting with a large garden view window that greets you when you enter. Everything about my office and garden invite you to settle in, relax, and feel safe to talk.

As we talk, I will draw on a range of perspectives from my 30 years of experience and skills as a psychologist, child and family therapist, neuropsychologist, and adult and child psychoanalyst. Between us we will make sense of what’s troubling you and find positive solutions.