Psychotherapy, Assessment,  Clinical Psychology,

Psychoanalysis, and Neuropsychology for Children,  Adolescents, and Adults.

Welcome to my website. For you to understand who I am and how we might work together effectively, I’d like to begin our acquaintance with a brief explanation of my perspective on therapy and why my approach has proven effective for so many clients over the years.

For me, therapy represents a cooperative effort between you and me as we work towards common, mutually agreed-upon goals. It’s easy in life to get stuck in undesirable patterns or situations and feel helpless or trapped. That’s why therapy has to focus on you. It must be respectful of the beliefs and feelings you care about and – rather than attempting to change who you are – solutions we devise must play to your natural strengths and the traits that make you who you are. That’s the only way therapy can be successful long-term.

But as we begin our relationship, therapy is about talking openly in a safe, comfortable setting. My office is in a private, quiet space with a garden view. I invite you to contact me for further information or to schedule an initial consultation.

Together we can get beyond today and focus on a better tomorrow.